Krystee  has been my massage therapist for more than five years, and I wouldn't go anywhere else. After having three children, multiple surgeries, and accidents (from horseback riding to cars), my body has been a mess at times. Krystee intuitively knows where I'm hurting and how to help. In the last year, she worked closely with my dentist  when I had a TMJ flare-up and couldn't close my mouth, and she's made a huge difference in relieving back pain from a bulging disc. I highly recommend Krystee to anyone seeking deep, intuitive, compassionate bodywork.

-- Lani Jo Leigh, owner of The Clinton Theater, Portland, OR


I have been going to Krystee Sidwell for massage therapy for around three years, and I have been very happy with the massage treatments I have received and impressed with Krystee’s skill as a therapist.  I have a stressful job, so when I arrive for my massage I am very tense and my muscles are very tight; I leave the office feeling relaxed with stress-free muscles.  Krystee is very good with deep tissue work with very strong pressure and is a very intuitive therapist who connects with your body to give you the exact massage your body needs.   I will continue to be Krystee’s client for a long time.

-- Cheryl Grochau


I've seen Krystee for massage treatments several times over the years because it's time well spent. i always come back because she is a favorite. Her attention to my problem areas (neck and shoulders) might have taken longer to work out but she still completes a whole body relaxation, and i appreciate the serene quality of her rooms and using natural and healthy oils.

-- Erika Geris


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